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Mentoring For Success!

Mentoring is a must for todays Internet Marketer
Huge Financial losses can be avoided by having the right Mentor.
A Mentor is someone who has been there before.
One you can trust and lean on.

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It would probably be so hard learning the alphabet all by ourselves.

There would be no one to tell us what works and what doesn't work.

Mentors work as guides to show you the pitfalls to avoid.

They Motivate Us!

They teach the discipline we should have
in order for us to succeed and inspire us to
become what we only imagine ourselves being.

Mentoring speeds up the learning process.
It lets you accomplish success faster,
easier and improves your performance.

Everyone needs a mentor!!
Mentors help us take the better path to avoid costly mistakes.

Thousands of dollars are spent yearly on Mentoring & Consultation.
Many cannot afford the high cost of mentoring.
The Grand Retirement Plan is Different.

We don't charge Thousands!
We don't even charge Hundreds!
We charge one low yearly fee of only $43.95


We give you the opportunity to earn Handsomely through our
Referral Commissions. Can you find any other mentoring
service that will give you all this!!!

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If you are serious about developing your own presence on the web
while earning a very nice passive income,

TGRP Mentors will show you the way,
While providing you with a Truly Life Changing Experience!

Get To The Top Of The Major Search Engines

Become An Article Marketing Genius

Learn To Use Autoresponders And Grow Your List To Thousands

Create Backlinks

One On One Mentoring With Our Professionals

Hands On Desktop Sharing with Live Interactive Training


Commissions On Referrals

No Monthly Fees

How To Get Started As A Beginning Internet Marketer

Video Training

100% Support

Learn To Earn With Us And Become
Independent Working From Home With Unlimited
Dependable Income For Life!

Save Thousands On Our Low Cost Consulting!

Free Members Receive
  • Free Ebook
  • Attend & Participate in Live Trainings
  • Skype access to our Team of Professionals
  • Back office training material including video & pdf's.
  • Referral commission of 15%

Ruby Members Receive all the benefits of the
Free membership plus
  • 2 Additional Free Ebooks
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Additional back office training Material
  • All for only $23.95 per year plus 20% referral commissions

Diamond Members Receive all the benefits of the
Free & Ruby membership plus
  • 3 Additional Free Ebooks
  • One on One Mentoring at no additional cost
  • Even more back office training material and step by step videos.
  • 40% referral commissions
  • Free Million Dollar Internet Business that has been paying Daily for almost 20 years!
  • All for only $43.95 per year plus 40% referral commissions!

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